The New Reformation


History Repeats Itself In Our Lifetime!


Just as the advent of the printing press (1440) brought about the original Reformation(1517) and begat the growing Protestant Christianity, so modern mass market publishing (c.1960), the internet (1993), and near universal literacy (c.2000) brought about the New Reformation and begat the growing NEW Christianity.

This exponential growth of available information and opinion created a conflict for many between what they were hearing in church from the local clergy and what they knew from other sources.

Many found they could no longer set aside their intellect at the church door. Unable to resolve this conflict for themselves, many people have simply stopped going to church, becoming part of the vast “church alumni” group.

Others have accepted this conflict as a challenge to grow and have begun to seek out others with similar concerns, in person, in books and online, to hear how others resolve the conflicts. These avid seekers have used these resources to evolve personal theologies that makes sense to them. They have found, through an often long, difficult, and lonely journey, a way to integrate science and contemporary scholarship with their experience of who God has been in their lives. This is the group that has begun to identify themselves in a number ways including the NEW Christians.

For them it is no longer helpful either to quote the bible or a catechism as if that now ended all discussion. The modern mind asks for reasons to believe, and demands to be taken through a process that respects them as equally beloved  of God, and that encourages them to come to their own conclusions.

                                                       Bob Cahill

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A guide for that essential journey of faith the move from Sunday School faith to Adult Faith.
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thenewreformationThe New POSITIVE Christianity!

...IS NOT about judgment, fear, shame or guilt, but IS VERY MUCH about mercy, love and compassion. It is less concerned about what happens after we die, than with assuring that all have what they need to live a full life today. Jesus is our path to God, but we honor all paths. We believe that science, scholarship, and an ongoing conversation with peers can lead us to our truth and a greater appreciation for the One we call God. If you think this NEW Christianity is something you’d like to know more about, sign up today. Download the text (constructive) for this second class



The Ultimate Transformation: Living Free!

Take charge of your inner critic, that voice in your head.
Get to "surrender", and claim the "peace that surpasses all understanding"!  
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The Journey Beyond Your Self"

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                  25 Plus Books That Changed My Life
A Heretics Guide to Eternity – Spencer Burke
A New Kind of Christian – Brian D. McLaren
A New Kind of Christianity – Brian D. McLaren
Being a Progressive Christian  Chuck Queen
Christianity for the Rest of Us – Diana Butler Bass
Faith, Hope, and a Bird Called George  Michael Morwood
Falling Upward – Richard Rohr  
Immortal Diamond  Richard Rohr
Integral Christianity – Paul R. Smith
Is Jesus God – Michael Morewood
Jesus for the Non-Religious – John Shelby Spong
Jesus: a Religious Revolutionary Marcus Borg
Kissing Fish  Roger Wolsey
Looking Around for God  James Autry
Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time – Marcus Borg
Quest for the Living God – Elizabeth A. Johnson
Saving Jesus from the Church – Robin R. Meyers
Speaking Christian – Marcus Borg  
The God of Jesus – Stephen J. Patterson  
The God We Never Knew – Marcus Borg
The Heart of Christianity – Marcus Borg
The Naked Now – Richard Rohr
The New Earth – Eckhert Tolle
The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Your Self 
     Michael A. Singer
The Good News According to Jesus  Chuck Queen
When Things Fall Apart – Pema Chodron
Why Christianity Must Change or Die – John Shelby Spong
Why Weren’t We Told – Rex A . E. Hunt
Without Budha, I could Not Be Christian – Paul F. Knitter

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Making Religion Relevant Today
Being a “Progressive” Christian
It’s More about Transformation
                  . . Less About “Right Belief”
God’s Word? Well, Sorta!
Return to the Mystical Tradition
What is at the HEART of Christianity?
Do You Admire Jesus?
Focus Pokus
Resurrection Yes, Resusitation No!
Easter Faith: Reconstituting the Church
Saving Jesus From The Church
Rethinking Good Friday

Chairity & Justice – A Distinction
My Adult Faith Journey
How the Jesus Story Grew
More Focus, Pokus
Seeing God-With-Us
The Journey to Adult Faith
Following Jesus to God
“The Way”
           and Progressive Christianity
Protestant “Original Sin”
20-Plus Books That Changed My Life
Beyond “That Old-Time Religion”
Beyond Church-ianity


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